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Apply to the 6th International Contest for Note by Note Cooking

International Contest for Note by Note Cooking N°6

« But the crackling is superb »

Organizers :
Roisin Burke (D.I.T.), Odile Renaudin (www.sciencesetgastronomie.com) , Yolanda Rigault (yolanda.rigault chez wanadoo.fr), Hervé This (herve.this chez paris.inra.fr)

Introduction : Note by Note Cooking

Note by Note Cooking is the culinary technique using compounds, in order to build food.
The cook has to decide for the shapes, consistencies, tastes, odours, trigeminal sensations (pungencies, freshnesses…), temperatures, colours…
Of course, it deals with questions of nutrition, toxicity, and is part of the large « Note by Note Project » for sustainable development, important for feeding the humankind in 2050, when the population of the Earth will perhaps reach 10 billion people. This project is an important contribution to the fight agains spoilage, while sparing water, energy, foodstuffs, and taking care of the environment.

The goal of this 6th contest : crispiness, crackling

For this new contest, we invite the competitors (in three categories : chefs, students, amateurs) to create dishes with crispiness, crunchiness, crackling…

The proposed dishes will be appreciated according to their proximity to « pure note by note cooking ». Also the originality of the use of such compounds will be evaluated.

Each proposed dish will have to be :
1. described in a .doc file by a recipe (Roman 12) giving
1. the ingredients, including quantities
2. the process
2. shown by photographs.

The candidates will have to accept that their recipes and pictures can be used (with their name) by the organizers and the partners of the contest (see authorization of use in the bottom of this document).

Evaluation :
Feasibility, reproductibility
Making crisp products
Originality of the work.
Using pure compounds will be preferred to using fractions.
Of course, the productions should not be toxic.
The flavour complexity will be appreciated : dishes have a shape, consistency, odor, taste, trigeminal sensation, temperature…

Who can participate ?
The contest is free, open to all. But there will be different categories, such as : culinary professionals (chefs), students, amateurs.

How to participate ?
For applying, it is enough to send an email with post address, phone number, signed authorization of diffusion of the contest material.

Then, for proposing the result, one has to send a file (fichier .doc) describing the recipe in details, with a powerpoint document (fichier .ppt) showing the various steps and the final result, with high resolution pictures 300 dpi.

Dates :
- application at any time before 20th of May 2018.
- document being sent before the 20th of May 2018

Prize Event :
AgroParisTech, Paris (Friday 1st of June 2018)

Prizes will be given by the partners. The best results will be displayed on various internet sites (Scienceetgastronomie.com, Forum Note à Note d’AgroParisTech...). They will be shown on posters during itinerary exhibitions.

Thanks to our partners
Sociétés Iqemusu, Belin, Louis François

Autorisation de diffusion

Je sous-signé ……………….. demeurant ……………………….. autorise les organisateurs et les partenaires du Troisième Concours International de Cuisine Note à Note à diffuser les recettes et les images soumises pour participation au concours.

Fait à ………………………….. le …………………………………..

Signature :

16 rue Claude Bernard
F-75231 Paris Cedex 05
Tel: 33 (0) 1 44 08 18 43
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