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L’université Paris-Saclay voit officiellement le jour le 5 novembre 2019

AgroParisTech en est l’un des membres fondateurs

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Etienne Verrier

Professor of animal breeding and genetics


AgroParisTech, 16 rue Claude Bernard, F-75231 Paris 05

INRA, UMR GABI, F-78350 Jouy-en-Josas

Teaching and responsabilities within the institution


Quantitative and population genetics applied to animal breeding and management of genetic resources


- Erasmus-Mundus Joint Doctorate in Animal Breeding and Genetics (EGS-ABG)
- Higher Course in Animal Breeding and Genetics (continued education) (CSAGAD)



- Definition of criteria for the genetic management of animal populations
- Added values and links with territories for local breeds
- Relationships between humans and animals


- Deputy head of the joint research unit Animal Genetics and Integrative Biology (GABI)


Chair of the section "Animal production" of the National committee for the evaluation of teachers-researchers in the field of agr. and vet. sciences (CNECA)

Chair of the Scientific Board of the technical institue for horses

President of the Société d’Ethnozootechnie (SEZ)

Member of the following bodies:
- Advisory Board for Animal Breeding (CNAG) of the French Ministry of Agriculture
- Scientific Board of ACTA-The agricultural technical institutes
- French Academy of Agriculture (AAF)


See the list with full texts to be downloaded on ResearchGate

Some recent publications

Verrier E., Markey L., Lauvie A. (2018) Specific products with added value for local breeds: lessons from success and non-success stories. 69th EAAP Annual Meeting, Dubrovnik, August 27-31, 2018.
- Download the slides (pdf)

Wang S., Laloë D., Missant F.M., Malm S., Lewis T., Verrier E., Strandberg E., Bonnett B.N., Leroy G. (2018) Breeding policies and management of pedigree dogs in 15 national kennel clubs. The Veterinary Journal 234, 130-135.

Stakeholders and the management of animal genetic resources across the world
Leroy G., Baumung R., Notter D., Verrier E., Wurzinger M., Scherf B. (2017) Livestock Science 198, 120-128.

Role, impacts and services provided by European livestock productions
Dumont B. (coord), Dupraz P. (coord.), et al. (2016) Synthèse d’expertise scientifique collective, INRA (France).
- Download a summary, in English (8 pp.)
- Download the full report, in French (136 pp.)

Des races localement adaptées et aussi adoptées, une condition de la durabilité des activités d’élevage
Couix N., Gaillard C., Lauvie A., Mugnier S., Verrier E. (2016) Cahiers d’Agriculture 25, 650009.

Les animaux convoqués dans la propagande de guerre : dessins de presse, affiches et cartes postales en 1914-1918
Verrier E., Laloë D. (2015) Ethnozootechnie 98, 65-76.
- Download the slides (pdf)

Assessing the risk status of livestock breeds: a multi-indicator method applied to 178 French local breeds belonging to 10 species
Verrier E. et al. (2015) Animal Genetic Resources 57, 105-118.
- Download the methodological report and a summary (in French)

How introgression events shape partition of diversity among breeds: a case study on sheep
Leroy G., Danchin-Burge C., Nedellec Y., Palhière I., San Cristobal M., Verrier E., Rognon X. (2015) Genetics Selection Evolution 47, 48.

Farm animal genetic and genomic resources from an agroecological perspective
Tixier-Boichard M., Verrier E., Rognon X., Zerjal T. (2015) Frontiers in Genetics 6, 153.

Interdisciplinarity, Internationalization, Interculturality: Three Challenges of Training in Animal Breeding and Genetics in Europe
Verrier E., Heams T. (2014) 10th World Congress on Animal Genetics Applied to Livestock Production, Vancouver, August 17-22, 201.
- Download the slides (pdf)

No development, no conservation: lessons from the conservation of farm animal genetic resources
Lauvie A., Couix N., Verrier E. (2014) Society and Natural Resources 27, 1331-1338.

Estimating the effective population size using pedigree data: what method in practice? Examples in Dog, Sheep, Cattle and Horses
Leroy G., Mary-Huard T., Verrier E., Danvy S., Charvolin E., Danchin-Burge C. (2013) Genetics Selection Evolution 45, 1.

Interactions between management of local breeds and valorization of products: examples of French cattle breeds
Lambert-Derkimba A., Lauvie A., Verrier E. (2013) Animal Genetics Resources Information 53, 135-140.

Les Ressources génétiques en questions
Adam-Blondon A.F, Andrivon D., Casaregola S., Lefèvre F., Ranjard J., Trometter M., Verrier E. (2012) Rapport pour les Directions Scientifiques de l’INRA, 18 p.

Milou, un sage épicurien
Verrier E. (2012) In E. Baratay et P. Delisle (Eds.), Milou, Idéfix et Cie, le chien en BD, Karthala Editions, 85-105.

L’animal nécessaire : manger et s’humaniser
Heams T., Verrier E. (2011) Revue Semestrielle de Droit Animalier 1/2011, 173-191.


1982 - Ingénieur agronome, INA Paris-Grignon
1989 - PhD., INA Paris-Grignon
1997 - Habilitation Life Sciences, University of Tours

Links between humans and animals: the author with a calf from the Abondance breed
Photo: D. Le Gall-Verrier

16 rue Claude Bernard
F-75231 Paris Cedex 05
Tel: 33 (0) 1 44 08 18 43
Fax: 33 (0) 1 44 08 16 00

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