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Informations Coronavirus

Dispositions prises par AgroParisTech au 13 mars 2020

Taxe d’apprentissage 2020

Réforme de la taxe d’apprentissage : c’est avec votre soutien que nous formerons ensemble les talents pour un avenir durable !

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Exchange students (non-degree seeking students)

AgroParisTech welcomes every year exchange students thanks to almost 200 agreements throughout the world.

Click here to find practical information to prepare your stay in France


Incoming students
International students who were at AgroParisTech to take classes are allowed to travel back home and will be able to use the distance learning system. Their situation is assessed on a case-by-case basis and we do our best to ensure that they are supported in a spirit of support and compassion, while leaving them the responsibility of their decision.

We also advise international students to consult the consular delegation of their country, as they have in some cases issued instructions. Each situation is different, and some countries are at higher risk at the moment, while others may restrict movement or impose quarantines.

For those staying in France, The Ministry of Interior has decided to extend the residence permits for 6 months : more information here.

Exchange Students
Like all students, exchange students have been informed of the measures taken by AgroParisTech related to the fight against the Covid-19 virus. We also understand that home universities may impose constraints and that it is the latter that will decide whether or not to validate the students’ courses.

If you went back to your country at the beginning of the lockdown, and you would like now to come back to France, please follow the instructions given by the Ministry of Interior, here and here.
Campus France regurlaly updates its website regarging the Covid-19 situation in France for international students : here.

AgroParisTech International Relations Office continue to operate in telework mode, and is able to answer to your questions.

Engineering curriculum

Engineering studies in AgroParisTech last 3 years. French students are accepted after 2 years of higher preparatory studies (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology...) and a highly selective national exam.

Students with a level equivalent to 1st year Master of Science can be integrated in priority to the 2nd year of engineering curriculum (equivalent to 1st year of Master of Science), or in special cases, to the 3rd year of engineering curriculum (equivalent 2nd to Master of Science in Engineering)

All classes are taught in French.

Master Programmes

Students with a level equivalent to 2nd year Master of Science can be integrated to a Master for a semester or a whole year.

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