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L’université Paris-Saclay voit officiellement le jour le 5 novembre 2019

AgroParisTech en est l’un des membres fondateurs

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GENIAL (Food process engineering)

UMR (Joint Research Unit) AgroParisTech, Inra

General scientific orientation

The principal challenges currently facing us in the alimentary domain are guaranteeing food security (feeding the population), health (ensuring that food is chemically and biologically healthy) and nutrition (preserving equality of access to nutrients). The work of this joint research unit considers the entire life cycle of foods, from raw materials to use and consumption. It concerns the products, including a rational conception of the balance between the various properties of food (sensorial, health-related, nutritional and technological) and processes (mastered, innovative and eco-designed).
Through reverse engineering approaches, this work could contribute to innovation in collaboration with industry.

Fields of research

The unit is organized into five teams and two transverse entities :
Structuring of products by process team (SP2)
♦ Characterizing and understanding the interactions and reactions underlying the structure of foods and bioproducts and their impact on properties (texture, stability, etc.)
♦ Identifying and controlling process parameters affecting product structure
♦ Modeling transformations

Construction of food quality through chemistry and processes team (Calipro)
♦ Development of concepts and tools for studying and controlling the dynamics of reactions in realistic transformation conditions
♦ Formalism of observable reaction schemes and proposal of tools for predicting the progress of reactions and for food design, making it possible to optimize preservation
of the nutritional, organoleptic and health properties of foods
♦ Development of methods and tools for integrating environmental impacts into process optimization criteria

Humans, foods and processes team (HAP)
♦ Development of innovative methods for taking into account the diversity and variability of consumers
♦ Understanding the choices and behavior of consumers, taking into account the effects of context, sociocultural factors and product image
♦ Development of tools for the modeling of consumers and of multifactor and multicriteria approaches for decision-support systems

Analytical engineering for food quality team (IAQA)
♦ Quality characterization through global untargeted (rapid) approaches and targeted molecular approaches
♦ Development of chemometric tools for the extraction and processing of pertinent information from complex data

Interactions between materials in contact team (I2MC)
♦ Understanding and predicting the molecular mechanisms controlling the transport properties of organic solutes and selectivity at the interface and within dense polymeric materials
♦ Design of materials with controlled/optimized properties for a particular application
♦ Generation of decision-support tools for the design and performance of membrane processes

Transverse modeling group (Transmod)
♦ Development of mechanistic modeling and numerical simulation tools for product/process interactions, in a multi-scale and multi-phenomenon approach

Transverse sustainable engineering group (Indu)
♦ Integration of sustainability into the development of products and packaging and into the ecodesign of processes

The unit is associated with LNE (the National Metrology and Measurement Laboratory) at the heart of the UMT SafeMat "Safety of contact materials and packaging", which received ACTIA accreditation for a five-year period in 2017 :
♦ Providing companies with decision-support tools for predicting the regulatory conformity of packaging from the design stages onwards
♦ Development of biosourced, biodegradable materials, nanocomposites and recycled materials

For more information
- Check out the open access publications of GENIAL on HAL-AgroParisTech :
- Check out all GENIAL’s recorded productions on HAL-AgroParisTech

Contact details
secretariat-genial chez agroparistech.fr
+ 33 (0)1 69 93 50 69

16 rue Claude Bernard
F-75231 Paris Cedex 05
Tel: 33 (0) 1 44 08 18 43
Fax: 33 (0) 1 44 08 16 00
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