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GO-DIJIP project


The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on higher education (HE) and international study programmes. The sudden shift to online teaching and learning brought about challenges at different levels, from competences and pedagogies, to teaching and learning tools, collaborative work and quality assurance.
In this context, Joint Programme (JP) coordinators, managers, teachers and students have been among the hardest-hit HE players.

The main objective of the project is to contribute to the development of a digitalized, innovative and quality-oriented HE, by providing instruments to sustainably mainstream new forms of virtual teaching and learning into the degree courses beyond risk-mitigation approaches. This will be done by focusing specifically on JP, felt to be a perfect laboratory where different innovative pedagogies, tools and resources can be tested and experimented.

GO-DIJIP will explore & share existing practices and innovative learning & teaching methodologies ; develop digital skills ; integrate digital collaborative environments into JP ; collaborate trans-nationally towards quality digital education. Students will also play a key role in this all-round innovation process by bringing in the end-users perspective and supporting staff members in assessing key needs, priorities, and values when innovating HE programmes. Finally, Partner HEIs, Networks and, indirectly National/European authorities, will be called to reflect around the importance of adjusting policy frameworks so to allow a smoother and more effective and inclusive transition to digital collaboration in HE.

The project be framed around a set of well-defined, realistic and consecutive Intellectual Outputs responding to the specific objectives outlined above, i.e. :

  • IO1 - AMPLIFIER open collaborative platform will effectively contribute to the sharing and amplifying of best practices & tools related to the digital transformation and integration of JP. It will be designed to provide inspiration for teaching with technology through open access to pioneering practices and projects of particular relevance to JP.
  • IO2 - AMPLIFIER contributions will serve as a base to select the best practices for shooting 4 video-testimonials.
  • IO3 - The GO-DIJIP Online Staff Training Course will be the core of the project. The course will respond to these needs of JP practitioners by developing an open, technology-sustained, experiential training course focused on how to best integrate digital environments into JP.
  • IO4 - Previous activities will lead to the creation of a digital Handbook and Policy Recommendations in order to reach a different target and encourage a digital transformation not only with a bottom-up push, but also guided and supported by policy makers.

Outputs and results will be disseminated and multiplied extensively during two Multiplier Events, as well as during internal and external events of Partners, Associated Partners and Networks.

All project activities are designed to be carried out collaboratively and transnationally, by involving the different practitioners in the field and applying the most advanced teaching/learning technologies in the field.
Through this transnational partnership, the project aims to align digital skills, promote common standards and quality guidelines to respond to a sustainable transition to quality digital education

Coordinator University of Padova (IT)
Partners AgroParisTech (FR), University of Bergen (NO)
Unicollaboration (Association) (ES), Erasmus Mundus Alumni Association (EMA) (BE)
Duration 2 years (from 01/03/2021 to 28/02/2023)

Platform : https://amplifier.w.uib.no/
Contact at AgroParisTech : Samantha Pagliaro

16 rue Claude Bernard
F-75231 Paris Cedex 05
Tel: 33 (0) 1 44 08 18 43
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