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GQE – Le Moulon (Quantitative Genetics and Evolution – Le Moulon)

UMR AgroParisTech, INRAE, CNRS, Université Paris-Saclay

General scientific background

The Quantitative Genetics and Evolution-Le Moulon (GQE-Le Moulon) UMR focuses principally on studies of the genetics and evolution of characters with a complex determinism (quantitative characters). Its major objectives are :
♦ To generate knowledge concerning fundamental multifactorial genetics for the modeling of quantitative variation and its evolution in different populations, and for research on quantitative trait loci (QTLs) ;
♦ To understand the genetic, epigenetic and molecular control of qualitative and quantitative traits, their importance in the evolutionary history of species and their adaptations ;
♦ To guide and optimize approaches for the selection in cultivated plants of target traits (growth, development, adaptation), by integrating advances from genomics, valorizing genetic resources and taking into account changes in environmental conditions and cropping methods.

The models studied by the GQE-Le Moulon unit depend on the questions posed and the experimental tools available to resolve them. They include species of agronomic interest (wheat, maize and rapeseed), model species (Arabidopsis, yeast) and non-model species (Nigella).

Fields of research

The unit is composed of six research teams and four transverse teams :

Biology and adaptation of evolving systems (BASE)
♦ Modeling of quantitative variation and its evolution, at the genetic, molecular, genomic, metabolic and environmental levels.

Structure and evolution of fungal chromosomes (SECF)
♦ Study of the modes of reproduction of hemiascomycete yeasts, role in the evolutionary history of Candida glabrata. Population genomics, comparative and functional genomics, and adaptation of yeasts to their environment.

Evolutionary genomics adaptation of crop plants (GEvAD)
♦ Characterization of the nucleotide, structural and epigenomic variation involved in genome evolution, the regulation of its expression and adaptation of the population.

Genetics, epigenetics and evolution of floral morphogenesis (GE2MorF)
♦ Mechanisms underlying the morphological diversity of petals and perianth symmetry. Role of perianth diversity in adaptation and species diversification.

Diversity, evolution and adaptation of populations (DEAP)
♦ Study of the genetic basis of local adaptation ; dynamic management of crop-plant biodiversity and its value for innovative sustainable agroecosystems : participatory selection.

Quantitative genetics and selection methodology (GQMS)
♦ Study of the genetic basis of complex traits and of the mechanisms of response to selection, optimization of the management of genetic resources and selection processes.

Mapping, expression and polymorphism workshop
♦ Shared projects in molecular biology, technological scouting and methodology development for specific projects.

Bioinformatics and computing workshop
♦ Analysis of genome sequences, development of database programmes for genetics, systems and network computing.

Experimental installation
♦ Genetic experimentation in the field, agronomic trials (principally for wheat and maize) and housing of teaching experiments for Université Paris-Saclay and AgroParisTech.

PAPPSO proteomics platform (IBiSA)
♦ Identification and quantification of proteins, analysis of posttranslational modifications, methodology development, bioinformatics for proteomics.

For more information
Check out the open access publications of GQE-Le Moulon on HAL-AgroParisTech :

Contact details
direction.gqe chez inrae.fr
+ 33 (0)1 69 33 23 30

16 rue Claude Bernard
F-75231 Paris Cedex 05
Tel: 33 (0) 1 44 08 18 43
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