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Social Security registration
The French Social Security system will reimburse you for your health care expenses.
For all students in France, Social Security registration is free and compulsory.


Complementary health insurance (mutual insurance)
Social security allows international students to benefit from social security coverage during their studies in France. To increase the amount of reimbursements of health expenses, you can subscribe to a complementary health insurance (or mutual insurance). This is not compulsory but strongly recommended.
You can ask for a quote from student mutuals, insurance companies or banks.
CPAM proposes Complémentaire Santé Solidaire but a number of criteria must be met to be eligible.

Medical consultations
When you arrive in France, a medical consultation is strongly recommended.
I’s possible to find the contact details of a doctor on Annuaire santé d’Ameli and, in some cases, to set up an appointment on Doctolib.
Attention: check consultation rates before the appointment. Some doctors (with sector 2 agreements) and others (without agreements) are free to set their own rates, which are higher than the official rates.
For any consultation, you must have: "carte vitale" (that you obtain after your Social Security registration), complementary mutual insurance certificate. If you don’t have these documents, you have to advance consultation fees.

SAIEC Montpellier offers students "the best treatment and an appropriate healthcare pathway for their needs", with Montpellier University Health Centre (CSU)

Help for students in difficulty
Psychological help for AgroParisTech Montpellier students.

Emergency numbers
15: SAMU (Emergency Medical Assistance Service)
18: Fire brigade
112: European emergency number, for all emergency services (fire brigade, police, medical assistance)
36 24: emergency number to contact a doctor who comes to your home, to call only if you can’t move. Available service 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

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