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L’université Paris-Saclay voit officiellement le jour le 5 novembre 2019

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MEPSOM : Multiscale Modeling and Emergent Properties of microbial degradation of Soil Organic Matter

Modélisation multiéchelle et propriétés émergentes de la dégradation microbienne des matières organiques

Participants :

C. Chenu, N. Nunan, X Raynaud, S. Juarez, L. Ruamps, Bioemco UPMC, CNRS, AgroParisTech Grignon Paris, France
P. Garnier, V. Pot, L.Vieublé, EGC, INRA AgroParisTech, Grignon France
G. Grundman, Université de Lyon, Lyon, France
O. Monga, E. Perrier, M. Bousso, Umnisco, IRD Dakar Sénégal
P. Baveye, R. Falconer, W. Otten, , Symbios, University of Abertay, Dundee, Scotland

Coordinator :

Claire Chenu, AgroParisTech, chenu at grignon.inra.fr

Context :

  • Current models are limited in their ability to simulate C dynamics especially under climate change
  • Models ignore the high level of heterogeneity of soils at the microbe and pore scale (µm) which lead to a spatial disconnection between soil C and decomposers
  • New modelling approaches, from other disciplines, can deal with 3-D complex systems

Aims of the project :

  • Understand and predict microbial transformations of C in the complex architecture of soils as affected by water availability
  • Develop and test new modelling approaches of microbial transformations of C taking into account explicitly (i) the spatial distribution of microbes and C (ii) the characteristics of the habitat and (iii) the diversity of microbial communities

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