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Le Vivant, notre vocation

Former, Chercher, Innover Pour l’avenir de l’agriculture, de l’alimentation et de la forêt.

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How to apply ?

Students must fill in and send the online application form and send by email the required documents at incomers chez agroparistech.fr before :
- 15th April for the 1st semester or the whole year ;
- 1st October for the 2nd semester.

The decision will be taken in May or June for the 1st semester or the whole year or in October or November for the 2nd semester.

Students must meet following requirements :
- Nomination of the student by a partner university (nomination letter signed and stamped by your University).
- Level of French : B1 minimum, B2 recommended
- Learning agreement approved by the sending university
- Chosen courses still available

Warning ! :
- Students are advised not to choose "socle de domaine agroparistech" due to its difficuties
- Some courses might not be taken by exchange students (for instance : "socle de domaine" in some domains) depending on the availability of these courses
- AgroParisTech might need to change or cancel some courses ; students will therefore have to choose new courses and fill in a « changes to learning agreement » form. If the application form is received after the deadline, the student may not obtain the courses he/she wished.

Admitted exchange students must sign the learning agreement and meet commitments.

AgroParisTech does not guarantee the lodging to the students, but rooms can be booked in our halls of residence if available (students can apply for a lodging inside the application form).

  • 2nd year of engineering curriculum

- Brochure 2A 2019-2020
- Brochure 2A 2018-2019 in Nancy
* Forest
* Natural habitat management
- Brochure 2A 2016-2017 for more information about the organization of the second year.

The second year of engineering curriculum is the most compatible with an exchange because of its flexibility since many courses can be chosen by the students.

  • 3rd year of engineering curriculum

Brochure 3A 2019-2020

The third year of engineering curriculum is more selective including for exchange students, especially because some specialities are highly popular amongst AgroParisTech’s students. Therefore, students must explain their interest and the link with their current studies in their cover letter.

  • Master Programmes

Brochure 2019-2020

Only Master Programmes listed in this document are available for exchange students (thoses in red are taught in English)

Admission to a Master Programme is selective, including for exchange students. Therefore, students must explain their interest for a particular Master Programme and the link with their current studies in their cover letter.

The required documents are to be sent by email to incomers @ agroparistech.fr :

- Online Application form in French
- Online Application form in English (to be used only if you have difficulties completing the French application form)
- Nomination letter signed and stamped by your University (you can use for instance this template)
- Résumé (curriculum vitae) describing your higher education studies, specifying the university, the major and the degrees with the dates of issues.
- Cover Letter : why would you like to study in France, at AgroParisTech, in a specific curriculum (Master or engineering curriculum) ?
- Transcript of records of the 2 last semesters, translated into French or English (signed by your university)
- French language certification or a confirmation of your French language skills (official letter signed e.g. by your coordinator or the language department of your university indicating your level - Self-assesment grid)
- Copy of your ID card or passport of current validity (translation into French must be provided in some cases)
- Health insurance certificate (according to your home country : S1, European Health Insurance, Private Insurance) to provide at your arrival at AgroParisTech.
- Learning Agreement
- Fiche de choix de cours (only for the second year of the engineering curriculum in Paris and Massy)
- picture

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F-75231 Paris Cedex 05
Tel: 33 (0) 1 44 08 18 43
Fax: 33 (0) 1 44 08 16 00
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