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Le Vivant, notre vocation

L’université Paris-Saclay voit officiellement le jour le 5 novembre 2019

AgroParisTech en est l’un des membres fondateurs

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LEESU (Water, environment and urban systems laboratory)

UMR (Joint Research Unit) AgroParisTech, École des Ponts ParisTech, Université Paris-Est Créteil

General scientific orientation

The research of the LEESU unit focuses, above all, on urban water, through different approaches :
♦ Physical and hydrological studies (runoff, transfer in the urban system, lake environments) ;
♦ Biogeochemical studies of emissions, and of the fate and effects of chemical and microbiological contaminants in the town/hydraulic facility/reservoir environment continuum ;
♦ Studies of policy, water use and practices, and their changes.

The LEESU unit performs complete multi- and interdisciplinary studies, with a high degree of commitment, which is essential for pertinent studies in the environment. Its research work relates to major societal issues, such as the development of sustainable towns resilient in the face of change, the optimization of water resources, the protection of underground water and aquatic ecosystems. The activities of the LEESU unit are anchored in long-standing close partnerships with town councils in the Parisian region and actors in water domain.

Fields of research

The work of the unit is built around four research axes :
Sources and outcome of urban water contamination
♦ Studies of the sources and outcome of certain emerging and/or high-priority chemical and microbiological contaminants
♦ Development of innovative characterization methods
♦ Understanding the influence of practices on the level of contamination

Study of policy and water use and their changes in the urban environment
♦ Studies of the way in which scientific knowledge in the water domain leads to changes in urban planning, water management in towns and the perception of water by citizens
♦ Analysis of the ways in which public water management policies generate new scientific questions

The urban cycle and rainwater
♦ Control over the sources of urban rainwater contamination
♦ Improving our understanding of the role of structures for the management of runoff water
♦ Turning rainwater into a resource and an urban amenity

Impact of the town on the functioning of aquatic environments (lakes and urban bodies of water)
♦ Analysis of the dynamics of physical/chemical/biological interactions in reservoirs
♦ Studies of the bioavailability of chemical contaminants, the physicochemical factors accounting for the dynamics and distribution of water-borne pathogens and the
influence of hydrodynamics on chemical and biological functioning
♦ Exploration of the various contributions to the contamination of reservoir environments

For more information
- Check out the open access publications of LEESU on HAL-AgroParisTech :
- Check out all LEESU’s recorded productions on HAL-AgroParisTech

Contact details
leesu.direction chez enpc.fr
+ 33 (0)1 64 15 36 26

16 rue Claude Bernard
F-75231 Paris Cedex 05
Tel: 33 (0) 1 44 08 18 43
Fax: 33 (0) 1 44 08 16 00
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