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ALPO - New Polymeric Materials from Microalgaes

Keywords : microalgal biomass, biotechnology, polymers, green chemistry, bioeconomy
Dates : October 2016 – October 2020


The project ALPO is an INTERREG project that results from the trans-borders cooperation between the French and Belgian regions Hauts-de-France, Grand-Est and Wallonia. Microalgal biomass has recently become increasingly significant as an alternative source of added-value molecules. Moreover, the extraction of these microalgae is highly strategic. This new sector is expected to contribute to the economic development of the SMEs and larger companies from these regions. Examples of these high-value products are pigments, proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins and anti-oxidants, with applications in cosmetics, nutritional and pharmaceuticals industries. To promote the sustainability of this process, an innovative microalgae biorefinery structure must be implemented through novel technologies of extraction and purification of added-value products. Few of these, such as lipids and carbohydrates, can be used as raw products for new polymeric materials.

The objective of this project is to extract and purify the maximum of added-value products, with a highlight in lipids and carbohydrates, by coupling several strategies (chemical, physical and enzymatic) and technologies (microwave, membrane, centrifuge partition chromatography and supercritical fluid extraction).

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AgroParisTech’s scientists : Florent ALLAIS (URD ABI), Tiphaine CLÉMENT (URD ABI), Erika CLAVIJO (URD ABI), Julien COUVREUR (URD>ABI), Gaëlle WILLIG (URD ABI).

Partners : University of Mons (BEL), KU Leuven (BEL), Ghent University (BEL), AgroParisTech (FR), University of Lille (FR), University of Reims Champagne Ardenne (FR)

Funding : INTERREG France – Wallonie – Vlaanderen

Website : http://www.alpo-interreg.eu/

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F-75231 Paris Cedex 05
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