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Some recipes

For this event, some recipes were given :

Aperitif : Dead leaf
(Hervé This)
To 600 mL of water, add 40 mL of ethanol, 0.0001 g of calcium phosphate, 0.001 g of sodium phosphate, 0.3 g of oenological tannin, 10 g of glucose, 1 drop of dilute solution paraethyl phenol.

Effervescence aperitif
(Hervé This recipe)
Prepare a solution of glucose (20 g) in water (500 mL), add 20% ethanol, a teaspoon of powdered sugar (sucrose) and a tablespoon of polyphenols.
Then, when serving, pour a teaspoonful of tartaric acid / sodium bicarbonate (2 : 1)

Note to noeuf
(recipe adapted from that Frédéric Lesourd, Head Teacher at Le Cordon Bleu Paris, www.lcbparis.com)
1. The orange
Make a total of 60 g with :
a tip of beta carotene knife
a spoonful of soy lecithin
some water
sunflower oil vigorously emulsified
aggregates of proteins obtained by the following method :
dilution of an egg white in as much water
adding salt (salting out)
filtration of precipitated fractions
heating these fractions to 100 ° C until coagulation
a pinch of salt
a spoonful of glucose
a few drops of crystal vinegar

2. The blue
In 200 mL of hot water, salt, dissolve 10 sheets of gelatin, a drop of patent blue, then immediately whip it very vigorously to obtain a considerable amount of foam.
Pour this mousse with the ladle in bowls lined with a plastic film food, and put them in the fridge (the mousse will gel).

3. The support :
On the stove, cook potato starch until light brown or brown (stirring well) until dry. Rather blonde, because it has a taste of mushroom.
Put a portion of this roasted starch in a bowl with gluten and water, work to make a ball, roll it out and take 7 cm pieces with a cookie cutter. Cook on baking paper at 180 ° C for 20 minutes.

4. The gauss
On a transparent film, spread surimi in thin layer (2 mm), then with a brush, put a layer of the fat thus prepared :
- in a refrigerator, put olive oil and wait for a crystallization which sediments ; decant, and recover the solid part
- color this part with a red food coloring
Put in the cold, then fold in two repetitively until you get a 5 cm thick pad. Put in the cold, then cut very thin parallelepipeds.

5. Wöhler sauce (Hervé This recipe)
melt hot 100 g glucose, 2 g tartaric acid, in 20 cc of water,
add 2 g of polypenols
bring to a boil
tie with potato starch (about a teaspoonful)
off the heat emulsify the fat recovered in the liquid part of the fractionated oil
Optional :
add diacetyl solution
put a drop of a solution of 1-octen-3-ol in oil.

Dressage :
Put roasted flour disk
Above, blue demolded flat face up
Put on the orange
At an angle, parallelepiped of Gauss
Around, a dash of wöhler sauce

A Terran Patrick
(recipe adapted from that of Patrick Terrien, chef at Le Cordon Bleu Paris ; www.lcbparis.com)
For 15 servings (of 35 g each)
200 g of whey (extract of a butter clarification)
200 g of water
30 g of milk powder
10 g yoghurt powder
4 g of salt
4 g of iota carrageenan
1 g agar agar
100 g of neutral oil to be added at the end of preparation
1 drop of a diluted solution of heptanone (0.2 g in 10 g).

1. Collect the whey from a butter clarification, switch to Chinese stamen

2. Add other ingredients (except fat) over medium heat, whisking gently, simmering (before boiling), remove from heat and add fat.

3. switch to Chinese and mold. Cool

Serve with deglazed caramel with sotolon solution.
Or with fibers recovered from a parsley press, chopped (or chopped hydrophilic cotton), then egg white, air-dried or warm-dried, and the coarsely ground solid is coated with a solution of sotolon in oil.

(Hervé This recipe)
Take some wheat flour. Make a leaching to recover the starch.
Add water and egg white powder, and pass the mixture through a die to make them fall into boiling salted water.
After 3 min, recover the spaghetti.
Line them up in a cake mold, and pour a solution of water + agar-agar + sodium monoglutamate + chicken + salt + glucose aroma. Allow to take, then cut across pavers.
Accompany with a conglomerate with water, glucose, beta carotene.
Serve with a sauce made in the following way :
- in a saucepan, put 1 glass of water
- on the fire, boil, add a sheet of gelatin previously dipped in cold water and 1 glass of neutral fat (see above). At the end of the emulsion, put 3 drops of truffarome.

Apple pearls, opaline, lemon granita
(recipe of Pierre Gagnaire, served in Hong Kong, April 24, 2008)
1. the whey : mix citric acid and cold milk, heat until coagulation, filter on wet cloth, book fresh
2. apple pearls : with syringe drop drops of water solution + calcium lactate + artificial apple green aroma in a tray of water with sodium alginate (dissolved in blender), retrir pearls formed
3. Glucose pellet : cook water and glucose until brown caramel, pour on a silpat to cool, reduce to a fine powder, deposit an imprinted plate 6 cm in diameter, sprinkle the glucose peligot on 2 mm thick, remove the baking tray, bake in a hot oven, cool, keep dry
4. lemon granita : melt glucose in water, add citric acid, lemon aroma, put to freeze, mash with a fork when it is solid, to obtain a granite
Dressing : in a deep plate, put a granite base, then pearls, and over three superimposed discs of peligot.

Vauquelin citric
(Hervé This recipe)
Add 10% by weight of egg white powder in water, then 1 tablespoon of citric acid and 1 tablespoon of glucose. Ride like a snowy white and serve in glasses, whether or not in the microwave.

oasted shortbreads
(Hervé This recipe)
In a saucepan, put potato starch and heat stirring until browning.
Pour the roasted starch into a salad bowl, and add sucrose (table sugar), fat, a little water, and a tablespoon of egg white powder, a spoonful of gluten. Mix, make small balls and cook for 10 minutes in a very hot oven (220 ° C).

Polyphenol caramel disc
(recipe of Pierre Gagnaire)
Bake 100 g of flux and 70 g of glucose 70 g up to 120 ° C
Add 3 g total polyphenols, then resume cooking sugar to 155 ° C.
Stop cooking by adding 10 g of cocoa butter
Pour on parchment paper and lower 1 mm

"Note to note" mozzarella tomato
(recipe of the heads of the International Toques Blanches, implemented during the Telethon 2011, December 3, 2011, founded for the top on the recipe of Patrick Terrien, see above)
For 15 servings (of 35g / piece)
200g of whey (extract of a butter clarification)
200g of water
30g of milk powder
10g yogurt powder
4g of salt
4g of carrageenan iota
1g agar agar
100 g of neutral oil

Process of the recipe
* Collect the whey from a butter clarification, switch to Chinese stamen
* Add the remaining ingredients (except cream) over medium heat, whisking gently, simmering (before boiling), remove from heat and emulsify with neutral oil ...
* switch to Chinese and mold. Cool

Tomato juice
Tomato powder

Dissolve the tomato powder in water. Add sodium monoglutamate, salt.

Sugar tile
Aroma basil
green dye

Heat the isomalt, then add green dye (eg chlorophylls) and basil flavor (if possible artificial flavor).

Soufflé "note to note" beetroot and orange heart
(recipe from the chefs des Toques Blanches Internationales, implemented during the Telethon 2011, December 3, 2011)

Apparatus blown beet
White powder 34 g 10 cases ras
Water 900 g 90 cases
beet glaze 40 g
Sugar powder 300 g
Salt end pm

Orange blown appliance
White powder 34 g 10 cases ras
Water 900 g 90 cases
Orange flavor 20 g 10 cac
Sugar powder 300 g
Salt end pm

Blow mounting
Blend the mussels with grease bomb and powdered sugar
Cover the bottom of the mold with the beetroot mixture, arrange a large spoon of the orange mixture in the center and cover the top of the mold with the beet mixture.

Cooking soufflés
Place the puffs under the salamander for a few seconds to form a light crust and cook in a forced air oven : 160 ° C, 4mns 30s.
Serve straight from the oven

Tip : Make an additional puff that will be used to control the state of cooking because the time required varies from oven to oven.

Caramel and péligots
Old recipe
Caramel : Take sucrose and a little water : heat until stained

Glucose pellets : take glucose and heat to color.

Fructose peel : take fructose and heat until stained

Lactose peel : take lactose and heat until stained.

Pure bisque
Take squid feathers (almost pure chitin) and heat in the oil. Then add water, cover and heat for 20 minutes slowly.

Pasta note to note
Take rice flour (94% amylopectin), then add gluten, and make a paste that is cooked like a pastry.

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