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The Handbook of Molecular Gastronomy

After some years of preparation, authors from all over the world accepted to write chapters for the Handbook of molecular gastronomy, under the direction of Roisin Burke, Alan Kelly, Christophe Lavelle and Hervé This vo Kientza.

Below, you find the table of content of the book




About the Editors



Acids. Acids in foods and perception of sourness
Christian Salles

Anthocyanins. Anthocyanins in food
Véronique Cheynier

Alcoholic Beverages : Production, Trends, Innovations
Konstantin Bellut, Kieran M. Lynch, Elke K. Arendt

Ash. Ash in the kitchen
Marta Ghebremedhin, Bhagyashri Joshi, Andreas Rieger, Christine Schreiber, Thomas A. Vilgis

Baking. Laminated bakery products
Roxane Detry, Christophe Blecker and Sabine Danthine

Baking. Chemical Leaveners
Linda A. Luck

Baking. Injera - The Multi-Eyed Flat Bread
Mahelet Girma, Sumaya M. Abdullahi, Benjamin L. Stottrup

Baking. Viennoiserie - Laminated pastry production
James A. Griffin

Baking. How does starch gelatinization influence texture ?
Anaïs Lavoisier

Baking. Sourdough Bread
Mark Traynor

Barbecue. The chemistry behind cooking on a barbecue
Florent Allais

Bioactivity. Bioactivity and its measurement
Hervé This vo Kientza

Browning. The glycation and Maillard reactions : major non enzymatic browning reactions in food
Frederic J. Tessier

Canning. Appert and food canning
Jean-Christophe Augustin

Capillarity. Capillarity in action
Hervé This vo Kientza

Champagne. Champagne tasting from a scientific perspective
Gérard Liger-Belair, Clara Cilindre, Daniel Cordier, Guillaume Polidori, Fabien Beaumont, Thomas Séon

Chantillies. The cousins of whipped cream : “Chantillys”
Hervé This vo Kientza

Cheese. Hot culinary uses of cheese
Sébastien Roustel, John A. Hannon

Chocolate. Chocolates from the world, simple physics, complex flavour
Bhagyashri L Joshi, Sarah Gindra, Thomas A. Vilgis

Chocolate. Oral processing of chocolate : successive interplay of sensory and physicochemical parameters
Thomas Vilgis

Coffee. Coffee preparation : from roasted beans to beverage
Laura Febvay, Hervé This vo Kientza

Colour. Natural pigments in foods and their technical uses
Juan Valverde

Hervé This vo Kientza

Cooking. Culinary precisions and robustness of recipes
Hervé This vo Kientza

Cryogenics. Cryogenics in the kitchenPage 8 of 406
Peter Barham

Dairy. Milk gels – a gastrophysics view
Judith Hege, Marta Ghebremedhin, Bhagyashri Joshi, Christine Schreiber, H.-C. Gill, Thomas A. Vilgis

Dairy. Culinary uses of milk, butter and ice cream
Alan L. Kelly and David S. Waldron

Dairy. Ginger milk curd
Martin Lersch

José M. Aguilera

Dispersed Systems Formalism (DSF)
Hervé This vo Kientza

Distillation. The behaviour of volatile compounds during distillation of hydro-alcoholic solutions and during hydro-distillation
Martine Esteban-Decloux

Eggs. Let us have an egg
Hervé This vo Kientza

Emulsions. Emulsified systems in food
Markus Ketomäki, Trivikram Nallamilli, Christine Schreiber and Thomas A. Vilgis

Emulsions. Ostwald Ripening and disproportionation in practice
Hervé This vo Kientza

Emulsions. Lecithin
Elzbieta Kozakiewicz, Daniel Cossuta

Emulsions. Emulsions and surfactants in the kitchen
Hervé This vo Kientza

Essential oils. Essential oils.
Eric Angelini, Laure Dziuba

Essential oils. How to safely use essential oils
Eric Angelini, Laure Dziuba

Hervé This vo Kientza

Hervé This vo Kientza

Fats and oils. Physicochemical properties of edible oils and fats
S. Danthine

Fats and oils. From fat droplets in plant seeds to novel foods
Juan C. Zambrano, Behic Mert, Thomas A. Vilgis

Fats and oils. Oxidation of dietary lipids
Luc Eveleigh

Fats and oils. Extra virgin olive oil - molecular keys for traditional and modern Mediterranean gastronomy
Raffaele Sacchi.

Fermentation. Kimchi
Weon-Sun Shin

Fermentation. Fermenting Flavours with Yeast
Angela Coral Medina and John P. Morrissey

Fermentation. A short scientific and culinary introduction to kefir
Christophe Lavelle and Jean-Baptiste Boulé

Filtration. Filtration membranes for food processing and fractionation
Marie-Laure Lameloise

Food matrix. Food matrices and matrix effect in the kitchen
José Miguel Aguilera and Hervé This vo Kientza

Food pairing. “Food pairing” - is it really about science ?
Hervé This vo Kientza and Christophe Lavelle

Yrjö H. Roos

Foams. Pickering edible oil foam : toward new food products
A-L. Fameau

Franco Pedreschi

Gastrophysics. a new scientific approach to eating
Charles Spence

Hervé This vo Kientza

Heat transfer. Heat transfer in culinary sciences
Denis Flick

Hydrocolloids. Hydrocolloid usages as gelling and emulsifying agents for culinary and industrial applications
Rachel Edwards-Stuart and Reine Barbar

Imaging. Imaging foodstuff and products of culinary transformations
Mathias Porsmose Clausen, Morten Christensen, and Ole G. Mouritsen

Minerals. Mineral ions and cooking
Christian Salles

Meat. Meat tenderness and the impact of cooking
Jean-François Hocquette and Alain Kondjoyan

Meat. Heat Transfer in Meat
Douglas Baldwin

Microwaves. Microwave heating and modern cuisine
Alan L. Kelly and Hervé This vo Kientza

Meat. Reduction of nitrate and nitrite salts in meat products : What are the
consequences and possible solutions ?
Régine Talon, Sabine Leroy

Osmosis. Osmosis in the kitchen
Hervé This vo Kientza

Pasta. Durum wheat proteins : a key macronutrient for pasta qualities
Martin Coline, Morel Marie Hélène and Cuq Bernard

Pasteurisation. Pasteurization in the kitchen
Gabriela Precup, Dan-Cristian Vodnar

Plating. The science of plating
Charles Spence

Proteins. Proteins and proteases
Linda A. Luck, Alan L. Kelly

Puddings. The secret of the rice pudding
Martin Lersch

Laura Febvay, Hervé This vo Kientza

Salt. When should salt be added to meat being grilled ?
Hervé This vo Kientza, Marie-Paule Pardo, Rolande Ollitrault

Hervé This vo Kientza

Sauces. Hollandaise sauce
Guro Helgesdotter Rognså

Sauces. The underside of applesauce
Cassandre Leverrier

Seaweeds. Phycogastronomy : the culinary science of seaweeds
Ole G. Mouritsen

Size reduction
José M. Aguilera

Smoked foods
Jane K. Parker, Alice Pontin

Sous Vide Cooking
Douglas Baldwin

Linda A. Luck

Squid. Gastrophysics of squid : from gastronomy to science and back again
Ole G. Mouritsen, Charlotte Vinther Schmidt, Peter Lionet Faxholm, and Mathias Porsmose Clausen

Sugars. Soft caramel and sucre à la crème : an undergraduate experiment about sugar crystallization
Irem Altan

Sugars. Sugar (and its substitutes) in pastries
Anne Cazor

Sugars. Erythritol-Sucrose-Mixtures out of Equilibrium – Exciting Thermodynamics in the Mouth
Hannah M. Hartge, Birgitta Zielbauer, Thomas A. Vilgis

Sugars. Intramolecular dehydration of hexoses
Marie-Charlotte Belhomme, Stéphanie Castex and Arnaud Haudrechy

Taste. Taste and sound
Bruno A. Mesz

Temporal Domination of Sensation. When building dishes, let’s take temporality into account
Pascal Schlich

Texture. The physics of mouthfeel : liver sausages and inulin particle gels
Thomas A. Vilgis

Texture. How texture makes flavour
Ole G. Mouritsen

Texture. Tsukemono : the art and science of preparing crunchy vegetables
Ole G. Mouritsen

Thickeners. Cellulose and its derivatives
Rachel Edwards-Stuart

3D printing of food
Megan Ross, Roisin Burke, and Alan L. Kelly

Umami. The molecular science of umami synergy
Ole G. Mouritsen


The right words for improving communication in food science, food technology and between food science and technology and a broader audience
Hervé This vo Kientza

Experimental flavour workshops
Hervé This vo Kientza

Teaching argumentation and inquiry through culinary claims.
Erik Fooladi

Cooking and science workshops : the soft of the world gelling agents
Pere Castells

Culinary sciences for the enhancement of the public understanding of science
Ole G. MouritsenPage 16 of 406

“Science and cooking activities” for secondary school students
Marie-Claude Feore, Laure Fort, Marie-Blanche Mauhourat, Hervé This vo Kientza

How to reduce oil in French fries ? A student experiment
Hervé This vo Kientza

An educational satellite project around the scientific elucidation of culinary precisions in Lebanon and in the Middle East
Reine Barbar, Jean-Marie Malbec, Christophe Lavelle and Hervé This

Bon Appétit, Marie Curie ! A Stanford University Introductory Science of Cooking Course
Markus W. Covert and Imanol Arrieta-Ibarra

Molecular gastronomy in science education and science communication at the National University of Singapore
Linda Sellou and Lau Shi Yun

Molecular Gastronomy : A Universal Portal to the Molecular Sciences
Patricia B. O’Hara

Heat transfer in the kitchen – Exercises
Manuel Combes

Ionic diffusion in spherified calcium alginate gels : a laboratory experiment using molecular diffusion to show that gels are dispersed systems which at the same time behave both as liquids and solids
Lorenzo Soprani, Lara Querciagrossa, Silvia Cristofaro, Luca Muccioli, Silvia Orlandi, Elena Strocchi, Alberto Arcioni, Roberto Berardi

Simple calculations based on cooking
Hervé This vo Kientza

Teaching and cooking with culinary teacher
Christophe Lavelle

The monthly Inrae-AgroParisTech seminars on molecular gastronomy
Hervé This vo Kientza


New Greek cuisine
Georgianna Hiliadaki et Nikos Roussos

3D Printed Note by Note recipe : soya lobster prototype
Róisín Burke

Cooking (with) olive oil
Christophe Lavelle

Cooking for the elderlyPage 18 of 406
Christophe Lavelle

Culinary constructivism and note by note cooking
Pierre Gagnaire

Hervé This vo Kientza

Note by note recipes for a press conference organized at ITHQ, 2012
Erik Ayala-Bribiesca, Ismael Osorio

Using liquid nitrogen to prepare ice creams in the restaurant
Christophe Lavelle and Hervé This vo Kientza with chefs André Daguin, Noël Gutrin and Philippe Labbé

A Note by Note traditional Chinese dinner created and served in Singapore
Kelly Lee, Aaron Wong, Tony Choo, Nicolas Vergnole, Gn Ying Wei, and Tais Berenstein

Greek Diracs
Makis Kalossakas and Nicolas Nikolakopoulos

An eclipse dish
Hervé This vo Kientza

Modern Swiss cooking
Denis Martin

How do eggs coagulatePage 19 of 406
Hervé This vo Kientza

Vegetable salad
Jean Chauvel

Hervé This vo Kientza

Waiter ! There is Garlic in my Meringue !
César Vega

Lobster and juniper
David Toutain

Molecular Cooking
Róisín Burke and Pauline Danaher

Note by note cooking and note by note cuisine
Hervé This vo Kientza, Roisin Burke

Sasa Hasic

The Raspberry Pear Viennoiserie
James A. Griffin

Molecular Mixology : Welcome coffee, a cocktail with ten layers
Hervé This vo Kientza, Pierre Gagnaire

Cube of “chicken-carrot” with chips of “basil-lemon”
Pasquale Altomonte and Dao Nguyen

Some of the easiest Note by Note recipes served at Senses
Andrea Camastra

The Forest Floor
Sophie Dalton

A Note by Note Macaron
Julien Binz

Note by note cooking
Michael Pontif

Note by note sushis
Guillaume Siegler

Slowly cooked lamb neck with fermented flour pancakes, sunchoke puree and beer glaze
Alex Tsionitis

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