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The philosophy of this Journal

From August 1992 until August 1995, a Molecular and Physical Gastronomy Newsletter was run by Hervé This, in order to give editorial audience to results of the recently created discipline.

However, at that time, very few papers were proposed, and many of them were not scientific ones. In the end, as only This and Kurti published in this Newsletters, it was decided to stop it.

However, in the last years, many scientists expressed the wish that some new magazine was created. It was discussed, in particular, that an on-line magazine was organized, but the project was never put to an end.
Time is ripe now because of so many places in the world focusing on Molecular Gastronomy. Those last years, Associations of Molecular and Physical Gastronomy were created in various countries; seminars were held in a dozen countries; professorships were created; various university activities were held. In culinary schools, many programmes were introduced. In restaurants, more and more chefs introduced new results of Molecular and Physical Gastronomy.
Finally the recent creation (4th of April 2006) of the Foundation “Food Science & Culture”, at the French Academy of sciences, should help to boost the Molecular and Physical Gastronomy activities, first in France and later in the world. This Foundation is organizing “divisions” (science, technology, art, education, security/hygiena/reglementation, communication) and has regional programmes, with many partners. All the results obtained in the divisions or in the regional centers could be communicated in the Magazine.
All this points to the proposed structure for the envisioned magazine.

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