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Doctors, a Plus for the Enterprise


100 doctoral diplomas are issued each year at AgroParisTech and the ABIES Doctoral School, with over 400 doctoral students enrolled.

Doctors prepared for the enterprise world

Trainings oriented towards the enterprise world are organized all through the thesis:

•    Project management

•    Scientific communication

•    Knowledge of the enterprise world with a specific “Doctor for Enterprise” training (the enterprise viewed from the human, judicial, financial and managerial angles)

•    Strategies of innovation, added-value for research and protection of innovation

From Thesis to Enterprise

Doctors are the motor powering innovation.

Creativity, the spirit of innovation, the capability to solve complex problems, all represent pluses doctors bring the enterprise world.

30-50% of ABIES doctors enter the enterprise world.

These doctors for enterprise usually orient their careers towards:

  • Professions in research and development,
  • Innovation, scientific expertise or technology watch,
  • Project or programme management, auditing, consultancy, creating added-value for a variety of activities.

Three Scenarios for Enterprise:

  • Enterprises can finance theses through CIFRE agreements (Industrial Training through Research Agreement) subsidized by the National Research Association (ANRT) or through research foundations.Enterprise costs for a CIFRE thesis: Three years of thesis represents a cost of approximately 97 000 euros. The ANRT subsidizes the enterprise and the latter can also file for a research tax deduction. Together, these two sources cover 46% of the total cost. Foundations can also take advantage of research tax deductions.
  • Enterprises can give doctoral students consultancy missions. (Up to 32 days of mission per year in the activities of the enterprise: auditing, consultancy, technology watch, feasibility studies, market analysis, project accompaniment, patent studies, management, human resource management, etc.) 32 days of mission correspond to a cost of 5 400 euros.
  • Enterprises can hire doctors upon completion of the thesis. For enterprises financing a thesis, the doctor will be immediately operational upon receiving his/her diploma.