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Inscription / Re-enrolment

Thesis enrolment and re-enrolment modalities

The Doctoral School ABIES is affiliated to different institutions delivering the doctoral degree and the doctoral candidates must register at the institution corresponding to their research unit.

Doctoral candidates enrolled at Reims Champagne-Ardenne University must contact the doctoral studies of this institution.

The other ABIES doctoral candidates enrol at AgroParisTech, at the Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire d'Alfort (ENVA) or at Paris-Saclay University in the Graduate School Biosphera.

The whole enrolment procedure is now done online on the ADUM platform.

When you first enrol, you must create an ADUM profile and choose the institution corresponding to your research unit:

The registration at the three latter institutions is done using this link.

You then need to follow the different steps, you will find here the list of documents required for your registration that you will have to deposit on the Adum site. You must carefully read ABIES Doctoral School internal rules (in French).

If you are already registered on ADUM and are about to re-enrol, you must log to your ADUM profile (follow this link). You must then click on "I wish to declare my re-enrolment in x year of PhD" and follow the different steps. You have to upload the required documents.

The tuition fees and the CVEC must be paid once you've been authorized to enrol by your thesis director, your head of research unit and the doctoral school on ADUM; a proof of payment will be required for your academic enrolment at the institution awarding the doctoral degree.

If you forgot your password, it can be reset using the email address you used for your registration by clicking here.