Inscription / Re-enrolment

Thesis enrolment and re-enrolment modalities

To manage staff and give student competence added-value, ABIES Doctoral School (Agriculture, Food, Biology, Environment and Health) has set up an electronic directory, ADUM, listing all doctoral applicants and past students.

For this directory to fulfil its role, both as concerns managing doctoral students and creating a true network of students and graduates, ABIES requests that you enrol in ADUM and update your information as your situation changes.


For doctoral applicants enrolling at AgroParisTech, inscription is done directly online as follows :


If it is your first inscription, Click this link to enroll and select your "thesis" level. You will be guided through the different steps. Download enrolment


If you are already enrolled in the directory and you are re-enrolling, Click this link to identify yourself by typing your family name, your first name and your ADUM password.Once your information has been typed in, print the administrative documents generated by the programme. They should be included with your inscription folder when it is transmitted to the Doctoral School Director. Download re-enrolment