Thesis supervision

Supervision during the thesis period

The recommended length of thesis study for applicants not exercising a professional activity is three years. At the end of three years, no additional financial support can be given. Re-enrolment for a fourth year is contingent upon justification by the Thesis Director and a clear indication of how the year will be financed.

The Thesis Director, the teacher in charge and the welcoming laboratory all supervise the thesis work.

Creating a Thesis Committee is an obligation and the Thesis Director should propose one to reinforce the management of the Doctoral Applicant from the first months of thesis. This Committee should meet regularly to discuss the progress of the student’s work as well as to integrate the Applicant within a wider framework than that of the welcoming laboratory. The Committee will make it possible for the student to engage in scientific exchange and will offer reflective criticism and advice for the proper running of his/her work.

As explained in the ABIES interior regulations, the Thesis Committee must meet during the first four months of the thesis period. Minutes of this meeting will be uploaded onto the ADUM directory, as will be the minutes of meetings held at the end of each year of study. These reports are necessary for each re-enrolment.

Every school year the student must re-enrol and pay inscription fees.

Re-enrolment is not completed until presentation of a description of the state of work progress, the minutes of the Thesis Committee meeting and the opinion of the Thesis Director or teacher in charge.

Management and supervision during the thesis period are determining factors for the quality of the research work.

For this reason, it is recommended that those in charge limit the number of students under their supervision so as to assure a true supervision of all their doctoral applicants.

The Thesis Charter is recognized as being the guarantor of the rights and duties of all those involved in the doctoral study.

Thesis Charter

A Thesis Charter is set up in all establishments of higher education delivering doctoral degrees. It is signed by the Thesis Director, the Doctoral Applicant, and the directors of the Doctoral School, the welcoming laboratory and the theses delegate.

It is a contract establishing each person’s rights and duties and aims at clarifying the responsibilities of all involved.

Every establishment affiliated with ABIES has a Thesis Charter.