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CLUES Master’s programme

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Terrestrial ecosystems are a core component of the climate system and a key provider of services to human societies via their production of biomass for food and fuels or their regulation of environmental resources.
As the demand for these services is rapidly growing, these ecosystems have been manipulated and managed to an unprecedented extent, via changes in land occupation and use worldwide, in particular for agricultural and forestry purposes.
Facing up to the current ecological challenges thus requires a careful understanding of ecosystem processes and services to design and implement management strategies that enhance ecosystem services in a changing global environment.

The MSc programme on Climate, Land-use and Ecosystem Services (CLUES for short) aims to provide students with the scientific knowledge, know-how and skills necessary to understand the functioning of terrestrial ecosystems in response to major drivers such as climate change, land-use change patterns and ecosystem management technologies.
This video introduces this programme offered by the Paris-Saclay University, its content and career prospects for graduates.

CLUES Master’s programme
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