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Don’t be shy : participate to the Seventh International Contest for Note by Note Cooking

Publié le 16 janvier 2019 / - - /

This is the seventh year that the AgroParisTech-Inra International Centre for Molecular Gastronomy organizes the "International Contest for Note by Note Cooking, this new way of making dishes bases on using pure compounds as ingredients. Let’s add that Note by Note Cooking is very different from molecular cooking, and it will be the next big trend for culinary art.
You can apply in one of the three catégories : lay public, students, cools (and other professionals such as pastry chefs, bartenders, etc.).
The final event will take place in AgroParisTech, Paris, France, as usual, in the afternoon of the first Friday of June.
And for this seventh contest, you can choose between two topics (you can also submit in the two, if you want to increase the probability of winning) :
- cocktails
- diracs
In order to know more, in particular about diracs, have a look to the podcast on xxxxxxx.
And for more :
- a link : http://www2.agroparistech.fr/Les-Concours-internationaux-de-Cuisine-note-a-note.html
- an email : icmg@agroparistech.fr
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