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PhD Students


Past PhDs

  1. Asma DACHRAOUI, co-supervised with Alexis Bondu, EDF CIFRE funding (2012 - 2017). Early classification of time series
    PhD defense on the 31st of January, 2017.
    Jury: Alexis Bondu (co-advisor), Antoine Cornuéjols (co-advisor), Allame Douzal (examiner), Thomas Guyet (examiner), Jean-Christophe Janodet (examiner), Jian Pei (Fraser University, Canada. reader), Gilles Stoltz (reader).
    Now Research Engineer at Yélé, France.

  2. Mathieu BOUYRIE, co-supervised with Nadine Peyrieras, with participation of Cristina Manfredotti, IDEX Saclay funding (2012 - 2016). On denoising methods for the analysis of sequences of 3D images of embryogenesis.
    PhD defense on the 29th of November, 2016.
    Jury: Jamal Atif (examiner), Thomas Boudier (reader), Antoine Cornuéjols (co-advisor), Jalal Fadili (reader), Isabelle Guyon (examiner), Corine Lorenzo (examiner), Cristina Manfredotti (co-advisor), Nadine Peyrieras (co-advisor).
    Now Digital Marketing Specialist at Kinna Technology, France.

  3. Oumaima ALLAOUI ISMAILI, co-supervised with Vincent Lemaire, Orange CIFRE funding (2013 - 2016). Unsupervised learning under supervised constraints
    PhD defense on the 10th of November, 2016.
    Jury: Younès Bennani (president), Gilles Bisson (examiner), Antoine Cornuéjols (co-advisor), Jean-Charles Lamirel (examiner), Vincent Lemaire (co-advisor), Chantal Reynaud (examiner), Gilbert Saporta (reader), Christel Vrain (reader).
    Now Research Engineer at Orange Labs, France.

  4. Jérémie SUBLIME, co-supervised with Younès Bennani, ANR funding (2013 - 2016). Contributions to collaborative clustering and its potential applications on very high resolution satellite images
    PhD defense on the 9th of November, 2016.
    Jury: Michael Aupetit (reader), Younès Bennani (co-advisor), Antoine Cornuéjols (co-advisor), François Yvon (president), Pascale Kuntz (reader).
    Now Associate Professor at ISEP, France.

  5. Ghazal JABER, co-supervised with Philippe Tarroux, MESR funding, (2010 - 2013). Adaptive and anticipative on-line learning in non stationary environments
    PhD defense on the 18th of October, 2013.
    Jury: Younès Bennani (examiner), Antoine Cornuéjols (co-advisor), Joao Gama (reader), Vincent Lemaire (reader), Michèle Sebag (examiner), Philippe Tarroux (Co-advisor).
    Now Research Engineer at Amazon, USA.

  6. Christine MARTIN, BDI funding, (2005 - 2008). Learning techniques for the protein docking problem
    PhD defense on the 5th of December, 2008.
    Jury: Paul Bourgine (examiner), Frédéric Cazals (reader), Antoine Cornuéjols (advisor), Alain Denise (president), Céline Rouveirol (reader), Jean-Marc Vézien (examiner).
    Now: Associate Professor at AgroParisTech, France.

  7. Lou FEDON, MESR funding, (2006 - 2008, unfinished) Role of the memory and of the computation limits in sequencing effects encountered in On-line learning.
    Past: Research Engineer at RunMyProcess, France. Now: Head of engineering at LumApps, France.

  8. Romaric GAUDEL, co-supervised with Michèle Sebag, Ecole Normale Supérieure funding, (2006 - 2010). Attribute selection and Phase Transitions in Inductive Logic Programing
    PhD defense on the 14th of December, 2010.
    Jury: Stéphan Clémençon (examiner), Antoine Cornuéjols (co-advisor), Luc de Raedt (reader), François Laviolette (reader), Michèle Sebag (co-advisor), François Yvon (examiner).
    Past: Associate Professor at Lille 3 University, France. Now: Assistant Professor at ENSAI (Rennes).

  9. Arpad RIMMEL, co-supervised with Michèle Sebag, MESR funding (2006 - 2009). Improvements and Evaluation of the Monte-Carlo Tree Search Algorithm.
    PhD defense on the 15th of December, 2009.
    Now Associate Professor at Centrale-Supelec, France.

  10. Raymond ROS , co-supervised with Michèle Sebag, MESR funding (2005 - 2008). Real-parameter Black-Box Optimisation and Designing Algorithms.
    PhD defense on the 21st of December, 2009.
    Now Research Engineer at INRIA, France.

  11. Jérémie MARY , co-supervised with Michèle Sebag, MESR funding (2002 - 2005). Etude de l'apprentissage actif. Application à la robotique.
    PhD defense on the 12th of December, 2005.
    Jury: Olivier Bousquet (examiner), Stéphane Canu (reader), Antoine Cornuéjols (co-advisor), Christine Froidevaux (presidente), Michèle Sebag (co-advisor), Marc Seban (reader), Jean-Daniel Zucker (examiner).
    Past: Associate Professor at Lille 3 University, France. Now: Senior Research staff chez Criteo.

  12. Jacques ALES-BIANCHETTI , co-supervised with Yves Kodratoff, MESR funding (1997 - 2000). Le raisonnement par analogie, une unification des modeles cognitifs et des theories de l'induction pour l'etude du raisonnement par analogie.
    PhD defense in 2000. Co-directed with Yves Kodratoff.


Master Students (incomplete list)

  1.  Raphael Olivier (Polytechnique ParisTech) (03/2017 - 08/2017), Classification de séries temporelles incomplètes par une nouvelle méthode de boosting .
  2.  Irène Demongeot (AgroParisTech) (03/2017 - 09/2017), Identification des déterminants de choix d'aliments azotés. Mise au point d'une enquête et fouille de données .
  3.  Pierre-Alexandre Murena (Polytechnique ParisTech) (06/2015 - 11/2015), Adaptation de domaine en Apprentissage Artificiel. Changement de référentiel et transport parallèle : la perspective de la géométrie non euclidienne .
  4.  Sema Akkoyunlu (AgroParisTech, 2A) (06/2015 - 08/2015), Nouvelle technique de boosting pour la classification de séries temporelles .
  5.  Antonin Duroy (EPITA) (05/2012 - 11/2012), Développement de techniques de fouilles de textes pour le projet ExtraEx .
  6.  Asma Dachraoui (U. Paris-Dauphine) (04/2012 - 08/2012), Apprentissage en-ligne ; prédiction précoce sur données séquentielles .
  7.  Ghazal Jaber (U. Paris-Saclay) (03/2010 - 09/2010), Apprentissage en-ligne ; effets de séquences .
  8.  Julia Lasserre (U. Paris-Saclay) (xxx, co-directed with Nicolas Bredêche), Learning control strategies for robotics .
  9.  Jérémie Mary (U. Paris-Saclay) (xxx), A study on active learning with applications to robotics .
  10.  Nicolas Pernot (U. Paris-Saclay) (xxx), Study of the phase transition phenomenon in grammatical inference .
  11.  Sandra Bsiri (U. Paris-Saclay) (xxx), Study of a frequent item set coding method for a text mining application .
  12.  Julien Caillou (U. Paris-Saclay) (xxx, co-directed with Nicolas Bredêche), Learning control strategies for collective robotics .
  13.  Sébastien Jouteau (U. Paris-Saclay) (xxx), Study of a frequent item set method for vision in natural scenes .
  14.  Hamamache Kheddouci (U. Paris-Saclay) (1994), Analogical and Case Based Reasoning .
  15.  Alain Brunie-Taton (U. Paris-Saclay) (xxx), xxx .


Teaching (in French) Research contracts Responsibilities PhD Students